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Pinnacle IT Force, Inc. understands what's important to help you find the right career or contract opportunity. Staffing agencies should be your partner and work with you. We believe it's critical to establish both a trusting relationship as well as having respect for each other in order to get the career or contract opportunity you want. There are important factors you should look for before sending your resume to any agency. We're happy to provide in writing the factors and process that we follow to gain your trust. After all, we understand that a career change will have a dramatic effect on your life, and we're committed to making it a positive one!

Why working with us will be a great experience

1. We don't push jobs onto you; we help you find the career or contract opportunity that you want. Sometimes, working with agencies can be very frustrating but we will provide you with all the information you need wrapped in full service. Your staffing consultant will treat you with respect and honesty while keeping your objectives in mind. We'll handle the entire process from setting up your interviews, providing critical feedback to compensation negotiation and presenting you with a written offer. We never charge you for this service; we make money by charging a fee to the company hiring you. 

2. We will never send your resume to anyone until we've provided you with the name of our client, information about them and present the actual career or contract opportunity to you. We value the trust you put in us, and we work on your behalf. Confidentiality is assured. Expect no less from any agency!

3. The companies that we represent are companies that you'll want to work for. We are experienced and are very selective with the companies we represent. As a result, we're able to present you to exciting companies that we're proud to work with; companies where you will want to work. These companies offer many different positions in a wide range of technology sectors. 

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