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It's easy for you to earn $750. As a premium, full-service IT staffing agency we pride ourselves on being different because we extensively network and build relationships with people who are often not represented by other agencies and do not post their resumes on the Internet job boards. One of our methods is by offering a generous incentive fee for referrals.

Just refer a friend, relative, coworker or acquaintance who is either in a position to hire or refer someone who is looking for a job and have more than two years of working experience. In order for you to receive the $750 referral fee, the following applies:

Referral of a job seeker:

  • The person you refer must be successfully hired by one of our clients and complete the probation/guarantee period.
  • You must send an email with the name of the person you're referring. When they apply on-line, they must put your name in the "Referred by" field in their registration.
  • If your referral is already in our database, they will not be considered as referred by you.

Referral of a hiring authority:

  • The person you refer must be in a position where they can authorize the use of a staffing agency or have a staffing requirement that they are responsible to hire for.
  • You must introduce us to your referral so that they'll know in advance that we'll be contacting them.
  • If we've already had contact with your referral's company, they will not be considered as your referral. However, if we've been unsuccessful in our contact with them, and there's a direct link between your referral and our success, we will consider it to be your referral.
  • Referral fee is paid only once per company, regardless of how many people they end up hiring from us.
  • Your referral must result in us successfully placing at least one candidate in their company and will be valid only after the successful completion of the probation/guarantee.


  • Referral fee is paid after Pinnacle IT Force, Inc. receives payment in full for placement and at the end of the probation/guarantee period.
  • If your referral results in a contract placement, you'll receive the referral fee once the individual has completed the initial contract period in its entirety.
  • Pinnacle IT Force, Inc. reserves the right to unilaterally change any of the above terms that we've listed due to special circumstances. If this is the case, these circumstances will be discussed with you at the time of placement.
  • Referral fee is effective for anyone who is referred to us as of November 23, 2001

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